Why choose a kayaking course with us?























  • Each of our  kayaking courses has a flexible format and we only have small group sizes so we can work with your specific needs, making each course more individualised and unique.


  • We offer an exciting range of courses from introductory flatwater kayaking to advanced sea kayaking, with great personal progression and the opportunity for long term paddler development throughout.

  • We give you the opportunity to experience the intimacy and uniqueness of the natural environment, discover the outstanding beauty of Donegal, Cornwall and Antrim from a new and different perspective and meet like minded people.

  • We are an active, experienced and professional company, with excellent local knowledge. You will see a notable difference in your skill level rapidly and feel your confidence sky rocket, Four Elements Adventure's coaches ensure your kayaking development is fun and progressive.

Introductory Sea/Whitewater/Surf Kayaking Course

This course Provides a unique and personalised day, with an opportunity to Fast Track what your chosen discipline is all about due to the maximum group size of four people. 

Who is it for?


For those who have previous kayaking experience in the last two years with a minimum of 3 days on the water. From our previous courses, feedback suggests that you are more likely to enjoy and gain more from this day, if this is followed as a minimum level.

Why this course?

This course will give you a super introduction to kayak handling techniques, enable you to begin to understand the connection and importance between body, boat & blade, plus a taste of trip planning.  a key aspect of learning to paddle on any body of water 

What is a typical day?

A day starts at 0900 meeting at our desired location and usually where good cofee is available! We then have an informal chat about your experience and what you want from your day and more. It helps if you  consider, what would you like to have achieved, as you head away at the end of your experience.  The weather forecast will be shared and we will talk you through the decision making process, on where we are going to paddle in order to further assist your learning and development.  

Due to the very small group size, you get more individual attention, helping you to progress faster, cover more material, skills and paddling tactics.  
What happens after? 


You will get an individualised  action plan to take you forward with you. You will get copies of all photos and any video taken as part of the course, great for memories and analysis. There will be always be someone available to answer any future questions you have, following your day and into the future, to further assist you with your kayaking. You will recieve discount of your next  kayaking course,for the next year to further help you keep your momentum.   



‘I started out on an intro course with Four Elements which springboarded me into a lifelong love for paddling and eventually turning into a career choice! Mark was there every step of the way, from my first outing on moving water, BCU awards and even my first few big drops and wipe outs! Thanks to the guys inspiring passion and continuing to support my progression’

Donna Mc Brearty.

IntroMediate  Kayaking Course 

For those who are water confident and with previous  kayaking experience of at least 5 days and keen to move into a more dynamic environment, and learn to work with swell, current,rapids, small surf and wind.

This two day IntroMediate kayaking course takes the core ideas of working with Body, Boat and blade and moves them on, into a more dynamic environment.  Improving your kayaking skills and begin to grasp trip planning independently.


Emphasis of the course is on  kayak handling & skills development at 2 and 3 star level.  You will have the opportunity to put the various skills into a context, along the best routes on the British and Irish coastline and rivers.


You will learn to manage your kayak in dynamic environments with style and confidence


This course will takes you to classic locations, where you're likely to see wildlife close up. A truly epic and memorable two days.  



Intermediate Kayaking

With the Intermediate  kayaking course you will be confident in the water, have a good level of fitness, kayaked on moving water before, some experience of independant trip planning, plus paddling in force 3 winds, grade 3 rivers or 3ft surf as a minimum.


Ideal for those working towards the 3 star award or those who just want to be a better and more competent dynamic water kayaker.


This course provides the essential skills, for paddling in bigger swell, faster water, while learning to blend strokes with efficiency.


The ultimate goal of moving towards becoming self-sufficient, paddling your own trips and the 3 star personal performance award.


You’ll learn how to plan trips, whilst looking out for each other and really get the adreanline pumping!  It’s a perfect course to enable you to gain confidence, skills and awareness in planning your future paddling trips and journeys. Moving towards being a self-sufficient and independant paddler  is the overall aim of this course.
Intermediate Kayaking courses run at various times throughout the year, and as long as there is two people the course will go ahead. 

'During the the Intermediate course, my skills and confidence sky rocketed! I was getting my boat in to and out of places I never dreamed of , always under watchful eyes. I liked that at the end of each day we would practice rescues in a real time environment. I feel that gave me the most confidence in myself and has also has made me a useful member in peer paddler group in the rougher stuff, thanks a lot guys'

Dom White

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