Re-Qualification & Proficiency

If you have completed a lifesaving course before, after 1 or 2 years, in order to keep your qualification valid you will need to undertake a requalification (RLSS) or proficiency (SLSGB) course


This is also highly important to keep your skills sharp, especially so, if you haven't been using them. We advocate the importance of keeping skills current, CPD as our head trainer says, 'If you ain't using it, you're losing it', so we advise everyone to keep, active and refer to the lifesaving manuals, resources and online learning access we provide in our courses.


The NVBLQ is valid for 24 months from the date of your assessment and the Surf Coach Safety and Rescue award is valid for 12 months, so don’t leave it too late to book onto a course.


We advise booking your requal a month before your current award expires. Keeping your award valid is crucial for insurance purposes, keeping your surf coach awards valid and it keeps you legal to work.


To be eligible to enroll on to requalify your certificate must either still be in date (For RLSS) or have expired in the previous 3 months (For SLSGB awards.) 


If you do not meet this criterion you will need to repeat the full course over 5 days.


If you need any advice, just speak to us, we can advise on all lifeguard matters whether its RLSS, SLSGB, ILS or equivalent.

RLSS Requalification

You will need to complete 2 days of training and 1-day independent assessment.


SLSGB Proficiency Test


To requalify via proficiency, your certificate must still in date or has expired within the last three months. All you need to do is a one-day proficiency course and provide evidence of CPR CPD. 

This will add an additional 12 months to your award.

You must be a member of Surf Life Saving GB and provide your membership number no later than the day before your course.


Please click here to create your membership online or call them direct on 01392 369111

RLSS Requalification (3 days) £200 ( Gives a further 24 months validity )

SLSGB Proficiency (1day) £120 ( Gives a further 12 months validity ) 


If you have a group of people that are keen to refresh, just give us a call, we can organise a date that suits you, or we can come to your location.

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