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Job Opportunities after your Beach Lifeguard Qualification

Congratulations on earning your beach lifeguard qualification!

This is an important and highly respected certification that can open up a variety of job opportunities for you.

Here are some potential options to consider:

Lifeguard at a beach:

This is perhaps the most obvious choice for someone with a beach lifeguard qualification. You can work at a local beach, private beach, or other beachfront location to ensure the safety of swimmers and beachgoers.

Surf Coach / Watersports Instructor

To become a Surf Coach it is mandatory to hold a beach lifeguard qualification, many other watersports professionals hold beach lifeguard awards, for example coasteering and sea kayaking guides.

Aquatics manager:

If you have leadership skills and a passion for water safety, you may be well-suited to a management role at a pool or aquatic center. As an aquatics manager, you would be responsible for overseeing a team of lifeguards and ensuring that all safety protocols are followed.

Swimming instructor or guide :

With your knowledge of water safety, you may be interested in teaching others how to swim safely. You could work as a wildswimming guide or at a private swim school.

Water safety instructor:

In addition to teaching swimming, you could also teach water safety courses to groups such as schoolchildren or community organizations.

Resort or hotel lifeguard:

Many resorts and hotels have pools and private beached for guests, and they often hire lifeguards to ensure the safety of swimmers. If you enjoy traveling and working in a resort setting, this could be a great opportunity for you.

Water park lifeguard:

Water parks can be a lot of fun, and they also need trained lifeguards to ensure the safety of their guests. If you enjoy being around water and being active, this could be a great job option for you.

Overall, there are many different job opportunities available to those with a beach lifeguard qualification. Whether you prefer to work at a beach, pool, resort, or water park, there are likely to be openings available for qualified candidates.

So, if you have a beach lifeguard qualification, then you have a bright future ahead of you in the field of water safety.

If you haven't, we got you, get in touch!

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